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The desire to make a change in the lives of young people who are the future of Ghana has been a mission for the African Music and Dance Foundation since its conception. We endeavor to be a source progress, purpose, and empowerment. Your donation of any monetary amount or in-kind donation from our Wish List will help in the fulfillment of the mission to empower the youth of Ghana through an appreciation of Ghana's culture and a valuable education in marketable skills that will take them far in life.

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The AFRIMUDA Wish List is a formal request for in-kind donations that would assist with mission of the foundation. Each item is a strategy to improve the function, offerings, reliability and proficiency for the members and the goals and dream of the organization. Each Wish List item is included under the specific benefit program that is a significant part of our charity work. If it is in your heart's desire to help us fulfill any item, please contact us now to proceed with your donation.


Learning Materials for Primary and Secondary Grades

  1. Easy reader books

  2. Backpacks

  3. General school supplies

  4. iPads and laptops

  5. Donations for learning apps and software

  6. Donations for school uniforms and shoes

  7. Donations for performance costumes

Computer Literacy and Website Design Program

  1. Laptop computers (either slightly used or new)

  2. Tabletop computers (either slightly used or new)

  3. Printers (either slightly used or new)

  4. Photocopy machines (either slightly used or new)

  5. Projectors (slightly used or new)

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