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‘’AFRIMUDA”, an acronym of African Music and Dance was officially founded in the year 2014. The office of the foundation is located in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana. Our vision is to empower the vulnerable youth in and around Cape Coast for accelerated economic development through arts and culture. 

The members of AFRIMUDA are enriched with the discipline of learning the virtues of dedication, consistency, and unity through the intricate wisdom endowed through Ghanaian cultural and contemporary performing arts. Youth drummers learn to master the craft of more than 10 sets of African percussion including djembe, traditional drums, dundun, fontofrom, and more. Young dancers alike are trained in the historical and contemporary dance movements that define Ghana's unique cultural style that is danced by both the elite Ghana Royals and the everyday lay man. These dances tell stories of the multiheritage of all regions of Ghana and many parts of Africa from Senegal to the Zulu of South Africa. AFRIMUDA strives to broaden the horizons for all of the young performers who dedicate themselves to carrying on the essence of Ghana's legacy.

In order to achieve this, the Foundation has set-up five entrepreneurial training areas for its target groups; these include batik tie and dye production, sewing and fashion designing, video and graphic designing including sound and music production technology, and website design training.



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The only way to describe the founder and executive director of The African Music and Dance Foundation (AFRIMUDA) is dedicated. John Kuubeterzie, affectionately known as Mr. Zie has reserved the most vital years of his life to performing, enriching, and preserving the unshakable culture of Ghana through his career in the performing arts. Over thirty years of commitment, Mr. Zie has mastered the full array of traditional and contemporary drumming, dancing, composing and choreography with the best there is to offer in Ghana’s performing arts industry. Suited with degrees of Bachelor of Arts (BA Arts) from the University of Cape Coast and a Master of Philosophy, (MPHIL) in Music from the University of Ghana, he has chosen the ultimate of goals, to ensure that the undeniably rich culture and heritage of Ghana is instilled in the next generation and that for all those who have a desire to share in Ghana’s culture be given the opportunity to learn and grow with the richness that Africa has to offer the body, mind and spirit.


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Richmond E.k Ahiataku our “VICE” was born in Volta region and discovered his love for performing art while schooling in Accra from St John's primary and JHS school as a singer. This passion for music was further prefected in secondary school with groups such as Patience Cultural Troup, the African Pot at Accra New Town and as a member of Ayawaso Cultural Dancers and Drummers.  Later in SHS Richmond joined Christian's Dance Fellowship International (CDFI) as a master drummer under the supervision of Mr. Asare Newman at Madina a prominent member and master drummer of Dzigbodi Dance Theater in Nungua. His teaching career is just as extensive, with several instructor positions in drum and dance at multiple international, JHS, and SHS schools around Accra.


Richmond states that  “drumming and dancing is my passion, I love doing it especially when singing!”


In addition to being a leader in the performing arts, Richmond studied Management at Marryson University College in Cape Coast. He as also worked with Accra Brewery from 2007 to 2018. With his last position being the Depot Controller at Kumasi  Depot. He is currently the manager at Geobahin Ventures, a distributor of Accra brewery products.


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Mariama Haruna (affectionately known as M) has maintained a career in the performing arts industry in Ghana for more than 15 years. M is a devoted community liaison for empowering the young men and women in the Cape Coast and surrounding areas in the rich culture of Ghana dance and music. M has studied and travelled internationally throughout Europe with the sole intention of gaining various skills in the performing arts to share with the local community youth. 

As a Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Fashion designer, and Certified General Decorator, M has taught many students in sewing skills, international dance, and life skills. 


Richardson Comey Fio, PhD - National Commission On Culture

Dr. Akua Gray, ND - A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Inst. Inc.

John Paateri, MR - Health Services Workers Union

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